Friday, June 26, 2009

In these tough tough times, friends like mine, would rather dash than dine

So, yeah. I've been lazy lately. Not lazy, per se, but kind of the opposite. Finding a job is apparently very, very hard in Lawrence right now. Assuming I can pass a piss test on Monday, I pretty much have one. Anyway, the lack of updates has been attributed to my pavement-pounding search for employment and the general malaise that's come over me upon realizing there are NO JOBS. I even had to sell off a few pieces of my record collection the other day! A bunch of 7"s I never listened to and records I didn't even want to listen to as part of this project. Although, Love Garden only offered me $10 for my copy of Sufjan Stevens "Illinois" and it's got the balloon sticker on it, and I'm positive I've seen that record for sale there for $50. Fuck that. Ebay, here I come!

I also decided to sell off most of my CD collection because seriously, who the fuck cares about CDs anymore? Granted, most of my CDs must have been scratched because the ones I reconciled parting with didn't even end up being purchased. So, here I come! But yeah, getting a $140 check for a bunch of records I never listened to is comforting. The sad thing is that I know I'm going to see a couple of them marked up tremendously but whatever, gots to pay the rent.

The project will resume within the next couple of days, I think. I miss listening to my records. I planned to resume writing last weekend but ended up reviewing 18 CDs for KJHK music staff and that was pretty insane and completely burnt me out (to the point where I did not want to listen to another record again). I don't know why I keep putting it off, up next I have two awesome Destroyer records and Dirty Projectors "Rise Above." Anyway, this is all very funny because I'm blogging at a coffee shop (just like Perez Hilton!) and yeah, well, somehow this is very funny to me. I've also been contributing freelance gig reviews to KC's weekly the Pitch's music blog:
Which is pretty much the most perfect job ever, although some nights are slightly bitchier than others. BUT YEAH. I've been asked to cut down my use of the word "Jam," which if you've read any of these LP write-ups, you will know it's a word I use obsessively. I am now actively trying to find another buzzword to replace "monster motherfucking jam," so let me know if you can come up with something more rad.