Thursday, May 19, 2016

No Baseball

Here's another backlogged comic. I can't remember if I posted it last year or not. Nothing has changed though. There is no baseball on tonight and I honestly don't know WHAT I'm gonna do with myself. Just kidding, it's dishes and laundry. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


This one is from last Summer. I still draw semi-regularly (more now since we moved and have a "Grown Up Space" in the basement that has effectively morphed into an art studio), but since I basically draw as a meditative practice and I'm disastrously sloppy, the prospect of cleaning these things up is such a nightmare that I just watch TV instead.

This was back when we just chilled at the house all day on Mondays. Now we run errands and do fun stuff on Mondays. It used to be so exhausting and now Mondays are the best part of my week. WE run errands, go to the park, go grocery shopping and eat free samples, etc. She is an excellent errand buddy. The phone is still a much coveted device (mostly she just looks at pictures, which are almost exclusively of her) but the only time she ever gets it is at 6:30 after yelling, "UP Daddy, up up up" and then realizing my phone is on the nightstand, going "Ooo phone" and occupying herself with the aforementioned picture-looking for the fifteen minutes it takes to have a good cry on the inside at the early hour and drag myself out of bed.