Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Buckingham Nicks - Buckingham Nicks

Buckingham Nicks – Buckingham Nicks
Polydor, 1973
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2010
Price: $7.50

I don't listen to Fleetwood Mac. I never have, and the only reason I've ever considered giving them a chance is because Jenny is obsessed with Stevie Nicks. I saw this, Stevie and Lindsey Buckingham's first album PRE-Fleetwood Mac at the store and I was like “Yes, Jenny will like this.” And it's not bad! I'm surprised at how much I like Stevie Nicks' voice. Lindsey Buckingham mostly just sounds like a Cat Stevens knock off, but Stevie's songs are fucking great! “Long Distance Winner” and “Crying in the Night” are great and I can see Neko Case listening to these songs as a young lass and picking up a thing or two. Granted, Neko's voice is a bit heartier, a bit more soulful, but there's something emotionally devastating about Nicks' vocals. Apparently this album is a bit hard to track down and never had a proper CD release, so I'm pretty glad I picked it up (thanks to the kind of weird cover featuring a naked Nicks w/ side boob looking all mysterious beautiful and Buckingham with...a fucking incredible mane and moustache/chesthair combo). Plus it's in fantastic shape, so it's a whim that paid off! It is a bit “generic 70s rock” but I think you can clearly tell that these two are bound for greatness, or at least epic fame.


  1. That album is RARE!

  2. Stevie is so beautiful, and she has inspired my entire line of clothing (shawls,capes,hanky hem skirts, etc), jewelry (crescent moon necklaces, Wild Heart Rings) and accessories (decorated top hats, tambourines, and much more) in my online store. I would love for Stevie fans to come shop with me!


    Brightest blessings to all!

  3. it's nice to bring fleetwood mac stuff to work because it's the only time my co-workers enjoy my music. sing alongs! also, that cover is amazing in every way.

  4. interested in sellin it? e-mail me @ brandi_boo_1982@yahoo.com

  5. Stevie has such a beautiful voice! Been a fan for years and will be for years to come