Friday, August 12, 2011

Thrill of Discovery: Ween - Part Two

Day 2: August 9th, 2011

The Pod

“Dr. Rock”

A sort of excellent homage-y jam. Reminds me of the time I saw GBV and almost died because I could have died right there because it was the greatest concert I would ever see, etc. Ween fans have that same idiotic geekery running through their veins. I understand. I do. Also, this song fucking slays.

Hmm, there’s something definitely unsettling about this album. Notably how this song is actually kind of catchy yet still full of gonzo guitar wankage and a spaced out (literally, in every goddamn atom of the sense of that fucking word) of what a coherent song should sound like. And then it ends. I’ve heard about this album, and how it’s supposed to be fucking weird and how the lore behind it may or may not be more interesting than the actual music. The crunchiness of these jams is hitting my spritual center. The aforementioned GBV effect, etc. That and the use of the Tascam four-track recorder, which I have a great affinity for. Mostly because there is a Tascam four-track recorder sitting about two feet away from my feet on the floor, covered in dog hair, because I MIGHT FEEL LIKE RECORDING SOMETHING LATER GOD.

“Sorry Charlie”

The live version here is so much better than the album version, though burying songs in shit is something I'm kind of fond of. If you've got a great catchy song why not bury it in garbage to see if the hooks shine through? Sure, a great little live version like this shows you that it's a well-written jam and a great little-ass song but you know, there's a time and a place and you're only in your very early 20s once and you might as well bury it in trash because you can always trot it out years later when you've got an adoring fanbase and you kind of have to give a shit (even if you don't).

Man, I wish I’d have thought to sing vocals through a fucking kazoo. I’d be a fucking millionaire, too.

Day 3: August 10th, 2011

9:24 PM

Flange the shit out of that shit Gene Ween! I do think that any decent song ought to be able to be stripped down to a sparse acoustic get-up and still kick all ass. And well, this does it. Really interesting to hear people singing along to these wonderful fucked up lyrics. Thinking that maybe this album has much merit that I'm not seeing just now.

Man, this album totally sounds like it was recorded by some dudes with fucking mono. I remember when I had mono and this is probably the best ever artistic interpretation of that pretty much fake disease (note: only fake because you can’t do fucking shit about it other than just sit around feeling like shit). There’s a hazy, druggy vibe to the whole thing. Lines like “Now you’re on the couch, you can’t even move your fucking head,” and the bit about not being able to smoke or drink a beer or pet some horses is pretty spot on to. It’s maybe the second actual coherent track on this album so far.

“Oh My Dear (Falling in Love)”

Fuck, I just figured it out. The difference between Ween fans and Guided by Voices fans is that Ween fans are potheads and drug addicts and Guided by Voices fans are drunks. Certainly some crossover, but in this one I see Gene Ween as a Robert Pollard figure and wonder why the fuck they don't have a side project together seeing as Bob Pollard has like a billion fucking side projects! A BILLION AND ONE WOULDN'T HURT NO ONE!

FOLLOWED BY OH MY GOD A FUCKING CONVENTIONAL SONG THAT SOUNDS LIKE IT’S GOT A LITTLE COUNTRY TWANG INFLUENCIN’ IT! Love it. I feel like a drowning man finally breaking the surface of the lake if only for a second. Just simple, sweet little perfection on this one. But I’m a sucker.

“Sketches of Winkle”

This is basically Ween's "Kicker of Elves" DESPITE the fact that this came out before Bee Thousand...and more GBV parallels I have to wrap my goddamn head around.

Fuck! ANOTHER SONG NOT BURIED IN GOD KNOWS WHAT DISTORTION FUZZY MESS! Yes, it’s a spastic motherfucker but this is appealing to my Bob Pollard senses. A little more spaced out and such, but you know, same basic thing as GBV. I think that’s why Ween is so appealing to me despite the fact that their music drives me fucking crazy half the time. There’s something about a monolithic discography that just makes me want to crawl around inside of it like a dead tauntaun. And right now, if I can get a track that doesn’t sound like someone ordering something at a drive thru, I’ll take it.

“Pork Roll Egg and Cheese”

Peel Sessions make everything sound fucking legit as shit.

Again psychedelic helium vocals, but singing trippy drug jam about a sandwich late 60s style is fucking rad. Another worthy hook, solid melody, etc on and on. I really should be listening to these albums in one sitting but goddamnit, they’re long as fuck and emotionally upsetting you know the drill.

Day 4: August 11th, 2011

12:somefuckingbuillshit AM

“The Stallion Pt. 2”

Just saying oh my god this song is fucking incredible with this video.

So much better than “The Stallion Pt.1.” God, it took me four days to finish this fucking album. Granted, small doses might have been the right thing to do at this point in time. I just re-watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time in a dog’s age (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) and noticed how good a movie it is for totally different reasons than I did when I was 16 (like it’s not just cool because it’s got dudes in suits and sunglasses and guns smoking cigarettes etc etc etc). It will be interesting to listen to The Pod after blitzing through the rest of Ween’s discography. This song and its counterpart will probably be really stupid though. Yet I can’t help but kind of liking this one. I mean, really, what’s the point? Oh, you are the Stallion, great. Good for you Deaner! Is it Deaner? It SOUNDS like Deaner. Which is to say it sounds like a convicted demonic rapist and not some helium laced clown. BUT WHO KNOWS. I did have “Pork Roll Egg and Cheese” stuck in my head all day at work today so that’s something! MOTHERFUCKINGJAMSINYOURMOTHERFUCKINGFACEYESYESYESYESYES.

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