Friday, September 2, 2011

Thrill of Discovery: Ween - Part Nine

Day 12 (cont’d): August 28th, 2011

Shinola (Vol. 1)

2:25 PM

“Tastes Good on th’ Bun”

Another solid food-based jam!

For a band that prides itself on having forty or fifty songs per album recording session, this collection of outtakes is surprisingly light. Perhaps it means it’s nothing but the most quality jams. This track sounds like a throwback to simpler times, when Ween threw every vocal effect in the book into the pot and stirred in a bunch of guitar noodling with a big fat distortion and lo-fi haze spoon. This comes from the sessions for The Pod, which makes sense and it was probably too straight-forward a song for that album.

“Big Fat Fuck”


“Big fat fuck/ Feelin’ like a big fat fuck.” MAN, I have TOTALLY been there. It’s a little light, but typically Ween-sounding. Like “Well, of COURSE this is a Ween” song naw mean?


Seems like the sort of song that would thrive in a live setting the way bacteria thrives in a warm, unattended piece of raw meat. Fucking awesome Thin Lizzy aping to the max!

Oh man, a totally fucking groovy track! Like shit, a legitimately great tune! Snuck on this odds-and-sods collection! WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. Perfect 70s rock vibe sounding like a Thin Lizzy song from hell. Love it.

“Did You See Me?”

Because nothing, fucking NOTHING goes better with Pink Floydy jams than nature in reverse!

Oh man, you can spoon up the Pink Floyd on this one and eat it like chocolate pudding its so thick. Sounds like some typical-ass cast-offs album shit here. A fun little genre exercise that sounds like it’s from The Mollusk sessions but who knows. They’ve always loved Floyd from what I can tell. All the songs on this album are too fucking long, it seems.

“Monique the Freak”

How did they get the guitars to sound that raunchy?!

What is this? A lost Prince track from the early 90s? BECAUSE IT SURE FUCKING SOUNDS LIKE ONE.


Song's practically perfect, buried here at the very end. Genius move.

An awesomely tender Gener jam tacked on right at the end. Usually odds and ends collections are longer than this, but in this case I think the brief (by Ween standards) track list really works. It runs the gamut of Ween’s career up to post-Quebec and there’s weird noisy fucked jams and tender Gener jams and weird Prince homages all that other weird shit in between. Now, if only instead of “Tuesday is pizza day” he said either “Monday is pizza day” or “Wednesday is pizza day” to honor the magnificent pizza deal days at Johnny’s and Rudy’s, respectively, then I’d be touting this as my pizza day jam. Of course, that’s a sort of local thing and I’m sure in Pennsylvania pizza places issue Tuesday pizza specials (or not, maybe it’s just common to consume pizza on Tuesdays because they’re fucked).

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