Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Coathangers - "Shake Shake" 7"

The Coat Hangers – “Shake Shake” 7”
Suicide Squeeze, 2008
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2009
Price: $1

Here we have some sassy ass ladypunk from Atlanta. I remember getting a copy of this on pretty white vinyl from Suicide Squeeze when I was music director at KJ and REALLY wanting to keep it (since half the DJs didn’t know how to use the turntable and another 25% were afraid to use the turntable, and seeing as the other 25% were experienced DJs with special programs and didn’t have to play rotation, well, it just seemed like a waste of time to put in a 7” that would never chart because two people might play it (it sounds like I’m being mean or something, but I’m not even shitting you when I say I knew DJs who told me they were actually afraid of playing a record. “It’s not scary I promise, see you just…” and then I got waved off so whatever). This one though, this one ended going out because my assistant really liked it. I think. Something like that, but it’s cool because I ended up finding a copy of it at Love Garden later on down the line. Listening to it now, I wonder what made me like it so much when now I’m like “it’s pretty good.” And then I remember how wrapped up in twee I was in 2008 and this was very clearly right up that narrow little alley I called “my taste in music circa 2008.” It’s extra good considering that this band started as a joke. They’ve released three albums on Suicide Squeeze since and I remember thinking the first one was pretty good. It’s not gonna win any awards in the innovation department, but it’s good ramshackle fun and listening to “Shake Shake” and the b-side “Dreamboat” I can see why this ended up in rotation: these are the sort of songs you hear on the radio in passing, wonder who it is, and then forget about it before you can check the DJ’s playlist (or, you get home and find out the DJ isn’t logging music because A.) they’re lazy or B.) the software doesn’t work, one or the other. Man, a lot of hate on DJs but SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WITH THE NOT LOGGING MUSIC PEOPLE CHECK THAT SHIT!). I don’t hate the DJs, I just want them to not look at a turntable and say “feh” and instead look at it and be like “OH MAN I CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY SOME VINYL I DON’T CARE IF I OCCASIONALLY FUCK SOMETHING UP BECAUSE THIS IS COLLEGE RADIO!” Now I feel like I need to defend KJHK, which is awesome and though it kind of crushed my soul, it was my fault that I let it crush my soul and once I got out I missed being a DJ. Fortunately great souls like Wake Mitchell and Vince Meserko are still spinning great shows and the eternal Nick Spacek found out how to do what every KJHK lifer has wanted to do: He figured out how to work at KJHK as a grown up. Kudos to Nick! Getting’ to work with the Toje and help those young college kids steer the good ship KJHK into the horizon. Man, I’ve been so nostalgic for Lawrence lately.

SO COOL! I love acoustic versions of crunchy punk songs. There's an X-Ray Spex/Raincoats/Runaways influence I totally didn't notice on full display here. LOVE.

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