Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Spinanes – “Madding” 7”

The Spinanes – “Madding” 7”
Sub Pop, 1996
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $.25

“Madding” is the first track from the Spinanes’ second album, Strand. It’s the only album of theirs that I have heard, but it was a big hit. Notably the mid-album track “Valency,” which I played seemingly every other radio show when I was working at KJHK. I love that track, and I love how it’s like a platonic ideal ass-kicking mid-90s indie rock song. “Madding,” on the other hand, is hushed and gorgeous and in the vein of Low. It’s a curious lead-off track, and an even more curious single. The mid-90s was THEE time for slowcore, I suppose, but Strand’s other single, “Lines and Lines,” is another angular ass-kicker in the vein of “Valency.” There are a couple more sleepy snoozers on that record, but it’s mostly catchy, chiming jams. B-side “10 Metre Platform” is another sleepy/dreamy track that again ignores the college rock majesty of the album’s bulk. Regardless, the Spinanes are one of those great little bands that got lost in the alt-rock explosion and discovering bands like this is always a treat. Outside of the Spinanes frontwoman Rebecca Gates released a couple of solo albums that I would very much like to hear and drummer Scott Plouf drummed for Built to Spill in their prime (Perfect From Now On/Keep it Like a Secret/ Ancient Melodies of the Future). It probably already exists, but man oh man I would so love to see a diagrammed Indie Rock Family Tree.


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