Friday, September 11, 2015

St. Vincent - "Actor Out of Work" 7"

St. Vincent – “Actor Out of Work” 7”
4AD, 2009
Acquired: Love Garden, New, 2009
Price: $5
“Actor Out of Work” is a perfect little weirdo indie rock track. It is well documented that I am a fan of short songs. If done right, the replay value is enormous. Thus, I ended up listening to “Actor Out of Work” more than just about any other song in 2009. It’s not your simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus track either. There’s a build, new elements come into the fold late in the game. It punches forward like a battle anthem all pierced by Annie Clark’s dynamic vocals. It’s lightning in a bottle, man. Lightning in a goddamn bottle.

The b-side “Bicycle” is a lovely, dreamy non-album track that sounds like it would play over the credits of a French film if the lyrics were only in French. It is also the reason I’ve continued to hold onto this 7” despite owning Actor. That, and I have great hopes that one day my daughter will take interest in my record collection and I want her to be able to find a badass lady amidst my overwhelmingly dude-ly record collection. Since I started liquidating my collection and weeding out unessential items, I’ve tried to at least make sure it’s a diverse ecosystem. That sounds overly precious to me, but it is what is keeping me from straight-up hawking everything but a crateful of vinyl.

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