Friday, March 27, 2009

Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit

Alkaline Trio – Goddamnit

Asian Man Records, 1998

Acquired: SXSW Record Convention, Used, 2009

Price: $11

Man, I am a nerd. This is one of those records I’ve wanted since I was 16 (and a rabid Alkaline Trio fan) and seeing it at the Euclid Records lot at the SXSW convention center made me eep. And for only $11! And I’m pretty sure it’s an original. I can’t be sure, but it looks like one and Nick verified that it probably is given that it was on black vinyl and the re-press had been on marble. Anyway, despite their recent sins (i.e. putting out two really really really terrible records) I still love this one. Sure, part of it is nostalgia, but the other part is that these are just amazing songs. Despite writing amazing love and longing songs like “Nose Over Tail” and “Clavicle,” Skiba also writes a bitter break-up song like nobody’s business. Granted, his masterpiece “Radio” is on Maybe I’ll Catch Fire, but tunes like “Cringe” and “As You Were” still bring the house down.


  1. At least they are recording a new one going back to their punk rock roots. And I want Goddamnit especially for $11. Did you buy 2?!
    I have 8 records of Alkaline Trio's but am still looking for Crimson and the original Goddamnit, have 2 copies of the Redux

  2. Yes, the black cover means it's an original. The reissue came with a white cover. There were 2000 of these pressed. 1000 had clocks as the center label. The other 1000 were heart skulls. Got mine very cheap as well. :)

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