Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beulah - The Coast is Never Clear

Beulah – The Coast is Never Clear

Velocette, 2001

Acquired: SXSW Record Sale, Used, 2009

Price: $10

This isn’t my favorite Beulah record (that would be When Your Heartstrings Break), but the cover art was so pretty and I just couldn’t resist. Plus it has “Popular Mechanics for Lovers” and “A Good Man is Easy to Kill” on it, which makes it totally worth it. That and I have a sort of undying love for Elephant 6. Granted, aren’t my favorite E6 band, but their records are always enjoyable enough and the documentary about them, A Good Band is Easy to Kill is really funny and features scenes of John Vanderslice acting REALLY weird and funny. “I heard he wrote you a song, so what/Some guy wrote 69” is the kind of reference that makes me love a band based solely on the fact that they referenced one of my favorite bands. The A-side pretty much unabashedly rules, yet the B-side is kind of lame sometimes, like the opener “Gravity’s Bringing Us Down,” which is the longest and worst song on the record. The hooks just don’t work there. But overall, enjoyable record for the most part!

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  1. Update: We have a copy of this on CD at the store I work at and I listen to it every single morning as I'm opening. I love it to death, now, and it has become my favorite Beulah album (we have "Heartstrings," too!). Now I think the biggest flaw is that it's too short!