Thursday, April 16, 2009

Patsy Cline - Greatest Hits

Patsy Cline – Greatest Hits

MCA, 1973

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007

Price: $5

Patsy Cline is the greatest singer of all time. I wrote an article for the KJHK zine about being raised by her Heartaches compilation, which was constantly playing in my parents’ car in my formative years and how Patsy Cline pretty much shaped the person I am today. Or at least the kind of music I like. There’s no way I would love Neko Case as much as I do now had I not been raised on Patsy. And I stick by that greatest singer remark because no one else can make me fall apart so completely. Listen to “I Fall to Pieces” and think about the last break-up you went through. Even though she didn’t write that song you know she’s been through that and you know what she is singing is true. This Greatest Hits comp is pretty amazing, which is why I bought it I think. It’s got the jams I grew up on, or at least the key jams. The ones I hear at Harbour Lights and stop what I am doing to mournfully sing along. “Walking After Midnight,” “Crazy” (which I recently found out was written by Willie Nelson), “I Fall to Pieces,” and “She’s Got You.” I was less familiar with the other tunes but they’re all jams. Everything Patsy Cline does, that I’ve heard at least, has been a jam and this is the record I put on during the sad times when I am lying alone in my dark room wanting to die. And though these songs will mirror my misery, they somehow make me want to die a little less. These are the saddest songs you’ve ever heard.

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