Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man

Columbia, 1988

Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2007

Price: $2

While I’m more partial to Leonard Cohen’s earlier stuff, I’m Your Man has “Everybody Knows” on it, which I’ve rocked over the years while dealing with sinister ex-girlfriends. Lines like “Everybody knows you’ve been discreet, but there were so many people you had to meet without your clothes” are brutal, descript and mean in a slightly backhanded way that makes them perfect. “First We Take Manhattan” was one of the first Leonard Cohen songs I heard years and years ago and I thought it was really weird because I had just listened to “Chelsea Hotel #2” and was greeted with the weird 80s electro march of that song. But the big thing is, I really like this album and it’s a testament to Leonard Cohen’s genius. Even today his albums are still good, which is always surprising to me. Well, when any songwriter is about three decades out of his heyday and can still deliver, it’s impressive. Plus the cover has a picture of him eating a banana, which I find incredibly cool.

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