Sunday, May 24, 2009

Elvis Costello - My Aim is True

Elvis Costello – My Aim is True

Columbia, 1977

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2006

Price: $5

This is the record I immediately recommend to anyone I know who is just now getting a turntable. Sure, the cover is iconic, but there’s something about this record on vinyl that makes it even more special than it sounds on CD or iTunes. It’s from a time when thought was put into not only the record as a whole, but structuring a record between two sides. Side A is full of nothing but jams and the classic ballad “Alison,” ending with the mysterious “Watching the Detectives” which really feels like it should be the last song on a record. In a sense it is, because when you flip it you’re hit with probably the most recognizable jam on this record, “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes. The rest of the songs aren’t as massive as those on Side A but seriously, every single song on this album is great. It would probably find it’s way into my “Top 10 Records of All Time” list and I’m not even kidding. If you’ve heard this record, which I am positive you have, you know what I am talking about. Or at least you should. If you don’t own it, even if you don’t have a turntable, go out and pick up a copy for five bucks somewhere. It’s worth having and will always be one of the most insufferably cool records of all time.

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