Wednesday, May 27, 2009

End of C

A + B = $333
C = $205
(A+B) + C = $541

This has really become an exercise in charting my irresponsibility. As of now I am jobless and pretty much wondering how I’m going to pay the rent for June (I’ll find a way I’m sure). I’ve been very, very good about NOT going to Love Garden and went for the first time in maybe three weeks to a month today (but only because I had some store credit and felt kind of low about being broke and my solution is to buy a record that I really like (I got the new St. Vincent, which is excellent)). Anyway, I’m thinking about selling the Bright Eyes record. Maybe just listing it for $300 on ebay and seeing if anyone bites. At least I know where the money went. Also, if anyone has a copy of Shining Hours in a Can by East River Pipe on vinyl and want to unload it, I WANT IT. I have a massive jones for “Make a Deal With the City” and have since been listening to that record on repeat. Also, if anyone out there in the KC/Lawrence area knows of a place where I could get a job, that would be better.

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