Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crystal Stilts - Alight of Night

Crystal Stilts – Alight of Night

Slumberland, 2008

Acquired: Crystal Stilts show at the Replay, New, 2009

Price: $12

Crystal Stilts are one of the few bands that can pull off looking incredibly bored and still put on a good live show. It kind of goes with the sound of Alight of Night. It’s nothing incredibly groundbreaking, but it’s such a perfect combination of things that have been proven to work that it sounds really refreshing. I also think it’s shelf life is going to be much longer than the Vivian Girls first record, which is already boring. Good move, Frankie Rose! Actually, she was the best part of the Crystal Stilts show, as she was the only one that looked into it and made up for the fact that their keyboardist was absent and that they didn’t play my absolute favorite jam from this record, “Prismatic Room” (though I did miss a few songs, thanks Lawrence for establishing the very strict code that if Ian thinks a show is going to start late it will start early and vice versa). That’s really the highlight of the record though. The shimmery kaleidoscope that I view the rest of the record through. The cover is beautiful and feels like it could have been printed by hand (but surely was simulated) but I like it. It’s a tangible thing, and as trite as it is to say, it’s a record that sounds better on vinyl.

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