Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Armed Forces

Elvis Costello & the Attractions – Armed Forces

Columbia, 1979

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008

Price: $4

While I’ve been a huge fan of My Aim is True and This Year’s Model for a while, I’d never heard Armed Forces until last year when I bought it because it was cheap. Plus the back cover with the elephants is pretty cool. I really need to listen to it more, because after a couple of listens I could feel it growing on me. It’s not as immediately gratifying as the first two, but I think that’s part of the appeal. There are actual layers here, things to pick apart. I wrote a song called “Accidents Will Happen” assuming it had already been used as a song title and after hearing “Accidents Will Happen” by Elvis Costello, um, I think I need to change it because man, everyone will just think it’s a cover. A shambly one at that!

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