Saturday, May 23, 2009

Comet Gain - Broken Record Prayers

Comet Gain – Broken Record Prayers

What’s Your Rupture?, 2008

Acquired: Love Garden, New, 2009

Price: $18

Oh thank goodness for store credit, because in these tough tough times there’s no way I would have been able to afford this record. And I NEEDED to own it. It came into KJHK one day in the AAM Sunday Service package and I was completely blown away. Granted, the first three songs do a fucking amazing job of setting up this fantastic compilation of hits, singles, b-sides, and new jams. It’s launched my new crusade of telling everyone I know about how great Comet Gain is. I mean, I always kind of liked them peripherally. I had a couple of singles downloaded, etc. But this one really drives it home. I am fully convinced that “You Can Hide Your Love Forever” is the greatest pop song of the last ten years. It’s perfect, anorak pop relying on sweet heartbroken lyrics and a fucking killer melody. “Jack Nance Hair” is a close second, or first, depending on what my mood is. For some reason, only the Brits can get away with the mid-song-spoken-word rant thing. There’s a little quote inside and I think it sums up exactly what I can’t put my finger on when it comes to why I adore Comet Gain. It reads, “We started as a joke and idea, we played broken songs on broken amps and cardboard drums and it never got much more professional. We believe in obsolete things and passionate hearts and still do and made these records from our hearts to yours for whatever it was and still is and could be.” That, and this line from “Jack Nance Hair:” “We have torn ideals/ Comet Gain has torn ideals.” These things get to my Achilles heel when it comes to music. Shambling indie-pop songs played by people that might as well live down the street who just want to have a good time and at the same time have an incredible sense of melody. This record is fucking genius.


  1. I didn't know anything about them until I saw them open for Crystal Stilts this past Friday... they blew me away! They were brilliant - far superior to the Stilts actually. They had the entire venue dancing and I only wish we could have heard more of them. Will definitely check this album out!

  2. SO fucking jealous. I saw Crystal Stilts a couple of months ago and while I love'em, their live show is very much structured as "we are SO bored with our own music." Ungggg, I wanna see Comet Gain so bad! Granted, if they played here I'm sure I'd be the only one dancing and after the sniveling indie kids looked around and noticed that I was the only one dancing, would decide that I was not cool enough and would continue standing with their arms folded. JEALOUS!