Wednesday, May 27, 2009

E.E. Cummings - E.E. Cummings Reads His Poetry

E.E. Cummings – E.E. Cummings Reads His Poetry

Caedmon, 1953

Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008

Price: $4

I adore reading E.E. Cummings poetry in books, but man, on record it’s very weird. Especially the first side, which is three plays written by Cummings. One is about Santa Claus. Really, it mostly sounds like a cluster of random words and phrases. The second side is a lot better, shorter poems, a few I recognize but mostly just beautiful, brief collections of words. I can’t remember why I bought this record. I know I got it fairly recently and I think the reason was that it was only 4 dollars. It’s nothing I would ever listen to frequently and really, I probably bought it just to have it. Although the one thing I don’t like about it is Cummings voice. It takes away from the sparse beauty of the words as they stand on the page. Here he sounds more pompous than I imagined. I mean, his language and diction is beautiful and he’s amazing at reading his poetry, but I just like the way it sounds better in my head. Not like I can sell it, it’s got a sticker on it claiming that it’s property of USD #302, so you know it’s cheap. Overall: Too hoity-toity! Although, I feel that there is a certain loyalty that I must uphold to EE, because his poetry subsequently led to me getting laid in high school. Score!

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