Saturday, April 17, 2010

End of LPs!

LPs are done!
A through Z = $2503
Comps = $90
LP Collection = $2593

That is correct! All of the LPs currently in my possession have been reviewed and now it's time to move on to 7"s! I'm excited. It's been a long time since I started this project and since then it's helped me to pare down my collection quite a bit. Ok, not too much. It's still very hard to sell records on a personal level given my attachment to sort-of inanimate objects. It's Record Store Day, which is less of a holiday and more of an excuse to patronize the friendly neighborhood record shoppe you haven't frequented in quite a while. I feel a little guilty since I started putting up the Insound links, but I rationalize this because the reason I started putting them up in the first place was to help those who don't have the best record store in the country in their hometown. I'm fortunate to have Love Garden for all most of my impulse buying needs, but for those who don't, follow the little links because Insound is the first really good alternative I've seen for getting new records online. But yeah, support your local record store...unless you local record store is lame, then you know, do whatever.

I only spent $23 today, and I was ready to spend a good $50 had that new Hold Steady vinyl bene there. It would have been bad and as I previously mentioned in the last post, I was very relieved when I found out they didn't have any because it got delayed or whatever. This is probably the biggest Record Store Day I've been to, and it's weird how it's starting to spread. Sadly, selectionwise it seemed a bit like a bust. I mean, reissues of Deerhoof albums are OK I guess but it mostly seemed like a lot of pre-packaged singles of songs you already have but with a Record Store Day sticker on the front. Basically, it was like promotional materials available for the general public and a slew of reissues. I remember a couple years ago when you could just get a bunch of free shit, and they seemed to cut that out completely this year. And for some reason there's like, a 7" for Neil Young's "Heart of Gold." What's that all about? Eh, if it keeps the local record store in business then it's nothing but a good thing I guess! Mostly, though, I get the vibe that a lot of people are just scooping up the rare/exclusive stuff to turn a profit on which in the long run seems to be be antithetical to the Why are There So Many Records in My Life Project. I mean, yeah, you see some rareass shit at Goodwill or the first Bright Eyes record on vinyl at the Antique Mall, you pick that shit up! But buying new records you're not even gonna listen to when there are people out there who will love and cherish that exclusive shit just bugs me. But that's the way it is! And this Pavement best-of is pretty rad. Listening to it a second time around as I type! So if you haven't hit up your local record store, go now and pick over the remnants of what's left! Surely there will be some copies of the Let's Wrestle/Love Language split, which I can vouch for!

I've recently taken up employment at Half Price Books, which I plan on using to acquire more LPs and to fill in the gaps since they mostly dabble in older stuff. The employee perks make it impossible for me not to hound the buy counter whenever someone brings in a stack of vinyl. It's re-invigorating my inner record is getting paid a decent wage, but as I witnessed to day, I've gained a little self-control in the interim. Well, that and the mountain of student loans I'm in the process of paying back, that helps me not blow wads of cash too.

Anyway, the 7" section is going to be a lot of fun given that instead of slogging through albums (this is in reference to the stinkers I encountered along the way) it's just handfuls of songs. A lot of them are really great, but there are a bunch in there I haven't listened to so I'm hoping to come across some little gems I had all along. I'm also gonna start writing up more new stuff because 2010 is turning into the new 2007.

Thanks for reading! Comments, recommendations, differences of opinion and questions, yr bands MP3s or whatever, all that stuff is always appreciated!

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