Wednesday, February 20, 2013

End of C (7")

End of C (7”)

The bullshitting goes on! Since transferring to the St. Paul Half Price Books I’ve been buying records like an insane person (i.e. A person who knows how heavy records are and is going to have to have to move all of them a couple more times before settling down). It cannot be helped. Someone kept bringing in and selling off chunks of his collection and all of it was awesome. Stuff we never see and almost all of it in great condition. Just ridiculous. When was the last time you saw a Shel Silverstein record? John Prine’s first ten albums, Gram Parsons, all the Byrds, the Boss, Dylan, the Band, and all sorts of classics no record collection should be without. So I’m filling in the gaps while also convincing myself to buy more and more because A.) When else am I gonna find this stuff again and B.) With my employee discount it’s almost impossible to past most of this stuff up. There are still plenty of 7”s to go through. Records I’ve had for years that just keep collecting dust because I’m bringing new LPs in faster than I can get through them.
Running Total: $2882.50
New Total: $2972.75

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