Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna

Stevie Nicks – Bella Donna

Modern Records, 1981
Acquired: Half Price Books, Used, 2011
Price: $1.50

Because my wife is OBSESSED with Stevie Nicks (are most women obsessed with Stevie Nicks?) I bought her this album like two years ago. It’s been sitting there, staring at me, Stevie with that parrot (or looking mystically through a tamborine depending on which side of the sleeve is facing me). So approaching Bella Donna I’m like “ung every song is gonna be like ‘Edge of Seventeen’ uff da” but oh man there are some jams here! You’ve got Stevie’s duet with Tom Petty “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” which more indie bands should cover (I mean really, so good). Then “Think About It” is a surprisingly soulful gem buried in the back half of the A Side. Is it weird that a grown man is listening to Stevie Nicks alone on his day off? I think I’ve just spent so much of my life associating Stevie Nicks as the young girl’s answer to all those macho heroes of young boys everywhere. Maybe Jenny has converted me, because now instead of being just flat out annoyed by Fleetwood Mac I’m seeing Stevie Nicks as this incredibly powerful figure. An embodiment of the feminine and the badass. I think really what it comes down to is how much I absolutely LOATHE the Fleetwood Mac song “Don’t Stop.” It hurts my soul. 

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  1. Hey man, I came accross your blog today. Got here by accident while searching Google images for the album cover of Seam's 'Are You Driving Me Crazy?' and there I was. I think your music diary here is incredible and testifies great taste. The music you promote is so diversified as your reviews move from forgotten treasures to new releases and then again to all-time classics. I really like that. I will check your blog from time to time from now on and see what you're up to. Most people get lost in a metaphorical storm surge of bullsh*t nowadays but you float just through it and find one artistic island after the other. Thank you for sharing that with us!