Friday, August 16, 2013

Fifth Column - "Donna"/ "All Women Are Bitches" 7"

Fifth Column – “Donna”/ “All Women Are Bitches” 7”
K Records, 1992
Acquired: K Records Mail Order, New, 2008
Price: ~$1
The all-girl indie-pop movement from 1990s Canada is one of my favorite things ever. Cub, Maow, Fifth Column, they know how to write some catchy fucking songs in ways that American groups can’t even handle. “Donna” is a straight-up little rough-edged indie pop gem and “All Women Are Bitches” is a gritty track that sounds like the Breeders on steroids. Funny how a band can lure you in with a charming DIY pop song and then try to bite your face off. Effectively, Fifth Column use “All Women Are Bitches” to attack the patriarchy with wit, which is really the most effective way to attack the patriarchy. It’s playful and sneering at the same time. This is some legit, OG Riot Grrrl business right here and another reason to be thankful that our neighbors to the North continually shower us with jams.


"All Women Are Bitches"

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