Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Iron Frenzy - Miniature Golf Courses of America Present... 7"

Five Iron Frenzy – Miniature Golf Courses of America Present Five Iron Frenzy 7"
Asian Man Records, 1997
Acquired: Asian Man Records Mail Order, New, 2002
Price: ~$.25
Enter the Late 1990s Ska-Punk Octagon, where a band with a “Christian Message” sounds just like any other ska-punk band founded by band geeks. There’s just something so wholesome and unthreatening about ska-punk, so I’m surprised there aren’t more Christian ska-punk bands. At least here Five Iron Frenzy don’t feel the need to shoehorn their faith into their songs (unlike say, Relient K) henceforth the music is enjoyable rather than irksome. It helps that the 7” kicks off with a cover of Abba’s “Mama Mia,” which, you know, is a rock solid jam no matter who’s playing it. It works surprisingly well with the horn section! The two original tracks—“Arnold, and Willis, and Mr. Drummond” and “Handbook For the Sellout—aren’t exclusive to the 7” and don’t really offer much in the way of originality. But that’s ska-punk, isn’t it? You know what you’re getting into and the genre is best suited for venues packed with young people skanking the night away.

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