Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Abe Vigoda - "Throwing Shade" 7"

Abe Vigoda – “Throwing Shade” 7”
PPM, 2010
Acquired: Crossroads Music, Used, 2013
Price: $2
In my head, Abe Vigoda is a neo-punk band that came up with No Age in LA in the late 00s. The trouble is, I’m having the hardest time remembering what they sounded like on their breakout album Skeleton. I remember liking it a bunch, and seeing them live a couple of times, but the sonics are absent. I know for sure they sound like a totally different band on “Throwing Shade,” the lead single from their Skeleton follow up Crush. I never heard that one because it was released in my “I am never listening to new music ever again goddamnit!” phase, which lasted for the tw years immediately after I graduated college (an effect of working at a college radio station for three years and living, breathing, sleeping, drinking, absorbing by osmosis every hot new album that showed up in the mail every Monday). The one thing I vaguely remember about Abe Vigoda was their angular, chiming guitars wrapped around spastic punk structures but filtered through layers of reverb. “Throwing Shade” is a straight up dance track jam packed with New Order synthesizers (and structure, for that matter) with a heaping scoop of dark wave drizzled over the top. The guitars still chime like the used to, but just a little, and just barely. While the song is technically fine, it’s boring and way too derivative of New Order and the rest of the 1980s new wave/post punk ilk to leave any lasting effect. B-side “Vivid” is firmly mapped on the post punk spectrum of that period, and suffers the same ill effects as “Throwing Shade” in that it abandons all of the interesting stuff the band was doing in favor of singing songs that have already been sung a thousand times before.  

"Throwing Shade"


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