Friday, February 21, 2014

Mealticket - "Lisa Marie" 7"

Mealticket – “Lisa Marie” 7”
Asian Man Records, 1997
Acquired: Asian Man Records Mailorder, New, 2002
Price: $~.50
Yet more late 90s ska-punk from the Asian Man Records box I bought 12 years ago. This one is strange, because not only does the band sound quite a bit like early No Doubt, they look the part too! It’s eerie. I’m thinking maybe ska horns are the cheesy sax solo of the 90s, given how perfectly they date this music. Seconds after dropping the needle I was taken back to those halcyon days where I was 12 years old. Mighty Mighty Bosstones were all the rage and the Baseketball (featuring a couple rightous jams from Reel Big Fish) was constantly being blasted from my portable boom box (running on the power of 6 D batteries). It was a good time, but this music only serves my nostalgia. These songs are fun and the lyrics have some charm, but that’s about their only positive function. 

"Lisa Marie"

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