Monday, February 17, 2014

The Mary Janes - "Telescope" 7"

The Mary Janes – “Telescope” 7”
Delmore, 1994
Acquired: Love Garden Shotgun Room, Used, 2008
Price: ~$.25
Not judging albums or books by their covers is a ridiculous notion. I know it serves a greater metaphor/life lesson, but on a surface level interpretation of that notion it’s totally acceptable to judge albums by their covers. Or at least glean what the random 7” you’re holding in your hand might sound like. When I bought something like 80 45s for a quarter a piece, it was easy to snag a few that looked like something I might enjoy. For instance, the Mary Janes with their black-and-white cover featuring a little girl sitting in a big open field. Factoring in the name of the band and the line-up (two people: Janas Hoyt on songs and music, Kathy Kolata on acoustic and electric violas) I was able to deduce that yes, this might be interesting. And wouldn’t you know it! This duo from Indianapolis are a terrific little indie-pop group! Their songs are of the quiet variety (more Sarah Records in tone but more offbeat in their delivery a la K Records) thanks to acoustic guitars backing up the lovely violas. B-side “Baby Honey” has an alt-country tinge (the viola sounds more like a fiddle) and overall both songs are unassuming gems that have effectively been lost to the world.

I wish I had a USB turntable, because it's sad for these lovely gems to go unshared, but they can be listened to via Spotify or what have you.

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