Friday, July 11, 2014

Pink Razors - "First Degree" 7"

Pink Razors – “First Degree” 7”
Rorschach Records, 2007
Acquired: Show at Solidarity, New, 2008
Price: $4

This 7” was acquired at the only show I ever went to at Solidarity, Lawrence’s anarchist bookshop. I make it sound like every town has an anarchist bookshop. Maybe that’s when you know you’ve made it as a town. When the crusty, anarcho-punk kids open up a lending library of subversive materials and subsequently use the location as a squat. I kid, I don’t know if the anarcho kids who ran the place used it as a squat. I don’t even know who ran that place, come to think of it. I do know that it was in a location that is currently being used as a soda shop, which is such a Lawrence thing for Lawrence to have: A soda shop that used to be an anarchist bookstore. Anyway, Solidarity man. I only went to one show there, this one, and it was a whole hell of a lot of fun.

I went to see Erin Tobey, who plays guitar in Pink Razors and was headlining the evening with her sweet and lovely folky poppy songs. The fact that there was a band opening that played the same brand of explosive, smart, and hooky pop-punk a la Dillinger Four was a wonderful surprise. Those are the best shows, usually. The ones that catch you off guard with something you weren’t expecting. When that happens I like to buy a record or a t-shirt (in this case I bought both. Despite never listening to this 7” but once after buying it, I wore my Pink Razors t-shirt to death. Literally until it had holes in it and I had to throw it out (I think, actually, it might be in a bag somewhere, but either way I had a shirt, and it had this really great design on it and I wore it forever)) because it’s just the way things are done. A token of respect. The three songs here aren’t aiming to take over the world, but they are certainly enjoyable. I’ve always loved punk bands that play fast and a little aggressive but understand the power of a good hook.

"First Degree"

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