Saturday, November 21, 2009

Erin Tobey - Erin Tobey

Erin Tobey – Erin Tobey
Bakery Outlet Records, 2005
Acquired: Show at Solidarity, New, 2008
Price: $10

Despite playing in the total fun punk band Pink Razors (and also Abe Froman!), Erin Tobey is at her best when she's attempting to one-up Rose Melberg & the Softies for the throne of dreamy indie-pop played by girls with sweet and wounded voices and reverbed electric guitars. It's an Annie record, one she was obsessed with that seeped into my collection and I bought it at a show we attended during our nebulous break-up period. It was one of the sweeter moments of that period, actually. I got really excited that they had this on vinyl, because I'd really fallen in love with it over the previous months. It's just as I've described it above, but I will elaborate by saying it's like the Softies but less sad. “Come Pick Me Up” is the best song on the record, or the one I'd play for someone to get them to love Erin Tobey. Actually, shit, the whole first half of the record is amazing. And the whole second half is really great too. Like, the guitar work on “Wedding March” isn't as sophisticated as Kaki King or anything like that but it's so perfectly good, played with so much heart that I feel this tugging inside my chest. And once she starts singing! Ok, this song is pretty sad. Maybe it's just that the sound is brighter than the Softies. GOD! That melody on “Wedding March!” How could I have forgotten! That's the trick though, if you've got a decent voice (i.e. a voice that sounds real to me) and can write a beautiful melody and pen lyrics that are not lame, then I will love you. Oh, and did I mention that this motherfucker is on PURPLE VINYL! Indeed, it is. Somehow things just sound better, sweeter even, on purple vinyl.

Here are a couple of MP3s.
MP3>>>Erin Tobey - "Nebula Song"
MP3>>>Erin Tobey - "I Grow Like a Plant"
And here is where you should buy this record on glorious purple vinyl.

Here is a video of the aforementioned "Come Pick Me Up."

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