Monday, November 30, 2009

End of U


Of all the goddamned times to lose my internet. At least we're moving in a month, assuming we can find a place that will accept our dog. I don't know what the deal is, and why people think big dogs will cause more damage than little ones, I figure it would be the other way around. You know, the little yippy dog keeping you up at night to the point where you'd enlist Kramer and Newman to dognap it and set it loose in the country. Blah blah blah.

IWent to the 50 cent sale at the Love Garden Blowout Location this weekend and got some gnarly shit. Here is a list:
Frightened Rabbit – The Midnight Organ Fight (a promo copy, but I wanted to own a real version of this because it's so fucking good. I've decided to keep this one in the car stereo for a week or two)
The Plastic Constellations – Crusades (This is a record I liked in freshman year and haven't listened to since. It's ok, will probably sell)
Ballboy – Club Anthems (Jenny has this one on CD already, but fuck, 50 cents for one of my favorite records of the decade? Hell yes!)
Norfolk & Western – Dusk in Cold Parlours (I'm pretty sure this is the copy I sold to Love Garden a while back. They've gone downhill since this one, but it's still a gem)
The Aisler's Set – How I Learned to Write Backwards (freshman year flashback!)
Castanets – First Light's Freeze
Saves the Day – Stay What You Are (because this record is fucking great, and while it doesn't hit me like it did when I was in high school, I still know a lot of the words)
Boyracer – In Full Colour (BOYFUCKINGRACER! Listened to this one when I was ripping these CDs at Aimee's yesterday and it was way good)
Call and Response – Winds Take No Shape (Ft. members of Rubies, who I've recently grown fond of)
Jim Guthrie – Now More Than Ever (One of my favorite records of all time)
Let's Wrestle – In Loving Memory Of (Excellent EP from an excellent band that should be a lot bigger based on how fucking amazing "I Won't Lie to You" is. I got to see them (and Pete & the Pirates) at the Stolen Records showcase at SXSW this year and they were quite excellent, despite my feet falling off)
Blinker the Star – August Everywhere (Cameron Hawk recommended these guys to me when I was looking for summer jams)
Blinker the Star – Bourgeoise Kitten (And this one never finished downloading! It's at 99.7% finished and now I have it!)
Arab Strap – Philophobia
Bear in Heaven – Tunes Next Door to Songs
Danielson – Ships (I remember a few jams from this one! Excited to revisit it!)
Jawbox – My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents (Somehow, Jawbox shows up a lot in my life. I worked with their original drummer Adam Wade in LA when I was out there and Rooftop Vigilantes just recorded their new record with J Robbins, which is random as all hell but perfectly fitting)
Chad Vangaalen – Soft Airplane
The Spinanes – Arches and Aisles
Marine Research – Sounds From the Gulf Stream (Amelia Fletcher's post-Heavenly band)
Go Back Snowball – Calling Zero (Bob from GBV and Mac from Superchunk!)
The Creature Comforts – The Politics of Pop (classic local music!)
Versus – Two Cents Plus Tax (The Stars are Insane is coming up in my collection, haven't heard this one)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Etiquette (promo w/ art)
Arab Strap – The Week Never Starts Round Here ("The one with 'The First Big Weekend' on it")
Airport 5 – Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (Bob Pollard and Tobin Sprout! Some excellent tunes here!)
Bows – Blush (Cover looked cool and was on Too Pure records)

Buying shit at the blowout location has made me feel better about the running totals I've been posting. How foolish, squandering so much money on records! Although, there are worse things I could have been spending it on, and at least it's a local business. I've since eased my temptation but now that I have a sort of steady stream of income, I'm afraid I might relapse. I think I need to call my sponsor.

Coming soon! I've got a best of the decade list that I've been working on since like, 2006 when I realized what the best record of the decade was and that I wanted to devote a whole list to it because listmaking is one of my favorite things in the world. I haven't decided what kind of illustrations will accompany my year end list this year, though. I'm pretty sure last year I didn't have one, but the year before I drew my top 5 albums as famous paintings and the year before that I drew my top 5 as famous movie posters. I'm toying with the notion of doing famous album covers a la the Shins "New Slang" video but that seems like a pain in the ass.

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