Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Summer Suns - The Summer Suns 10"

The Summer Suns – The Summer Suns
Get Hip, 1997
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $6

Though I'm pretty sure the version of their best song, “All Away,” is different from the 7” version, this is still a remarkably good mix of Byrdsy folk-rock and power pop. And they're from Australia, and we all know the Australia/New Zealand pop scene is fucking out of this world. They're one of those bands that never really attained any sort of real success outside of their home country, they're one of those bands designed for you to stumble onto. To pick up their 10” randomly and be like “holy shit this is so good how have more people not heard this!” I first encountered the Summer Suns on the recently RIP Little Hits, which would be included in my forthcoming non-fiction book entitled “This Blog Could Save Your Life” because yeah, I got a lot of good shit from that site and wish I'd done a sweep and got every MP3 before they took them down. I do have most of them though. “All Away” has become a mixtape/mix CD staple, in particular when things are...complicated. I'm curious as to when this was recorded, because it screams late 80s but this 10” didn't come out til '97. It's wonderfully jangly, with an excellent mix of acoustic guitar strumming and clean electric guitar riffs. Like I mentioned, there's something about the southern hemisphere that just creates this perfect pop sound.

Here's the video for the single versions of "All Away" and "Girl in a Mexican Restaurant." I am determined that they are different from the versions on this 10", but might just be insane. They're good either way though.

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