Saturday, November 7, 2009

Circus Devils - Gringo

Circus Devils – Gringo
Happy Jack, 2009
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, New, 2009
Price: $1

I hope to hell all the Robert Pollard solo records they had weren't there this morning. Otherwise, I will be pissed. I should have known people would come by and clean out the place, it was designed for this that, and while I got some rad shit and it's pry for the best since I allotted myself $20 to spend (under the strict rule that I turn around and make at least $20 off of some of the records), but still! This was the only GBV related record left. Circus Devils are Bob Pollard and late-era GBV producer Todd Tobias. It's surprisingly kind of different from GBV and every other Bob Pollard related project, although it's mostly kind of the same. Although it is heavy on the acoustic guitars. Despite this, it's still a pretty weird record full of odd background noise and traditionally weird Bob Pollard lyrics. “Rock, paaaaaper, scissors/ You may allllwayyyyys know mine/ You can stand byyyyy the river/ Drinking hot waaater wine/ Drinking wot hotter fine/ Alwayyyyys know mine.” It works between this moody acoustic/Vangelis score for Blade Runner-esque stuff and upbeat rockers.

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  1. pollard needs to take a break from recording. maybe i would have shit my pants over this years and years ago, but today, against anything good he's done, this is just stuff that need not be released. ships from prison to prison is a nice song, but so what, you know how many nice somgs there are out there. is there one redeeming song on 2010's mother skinny? anyway, have you heard the latest boston spaceships ep? it makes me wonder why he bothers. maybe it's not for me to wonder. maybe i need to take a break from pollard. anyway....