Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slint - Tweez

Slint – Tweez
Touch and Go, 1989
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $6

This is the first record, and they still haven't made the transition from Squirrel Bait to Spiderland. The noise rock elements are pumped up, and they're much more aggressive, although more toned down than Squirrel Bait. Ung, and why is it that any time it sounds like Steve Albini worked on a record he actually worked on the record. Although I love that the back cover uses the pseudonym “some fuckin derd niffer,” whatever the fuck that means. All of the songs are named after the band members parents, as dictated on the back (Ex: David Pajo, progeny of Nan Ding and Darlene, plays guitar), and it's pretty funny. At least these guys have a sense of humor, because it's a pretty serious sounding record. You know, post-hardcore. Instead of screaming they're either, well, screaming, or often they're muttering. It's much looser than Spiderland, and it sounds very much like the guys trying to figure out exactly which route to take. It's a cross between moody post-rock and well, Henry Rollins (See: “Charlotte”).

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