Friday, November 6, 2009


So, the Love Garden Blowout location is on its last legs and today and tomorrow, everything in the store is $1. So, I went down this afternoon and bought $280 worth of records for $17. A lot of these were chosen sort of randomly. That is, I had either heard the band name, liked the label it was on, vaguely remembered hearing the band and liking it, and/or it was REALLY expensive. I picked up one record that was regularly $35. I know, it's a little vain, and some of these I'd like to turn around, but mostly I just wanted to hear some stuff I would never have bought at regular price. Instead of running through all of these at once (as most of them come before S, where I currently am in my collection), I will continue to work through my collection proper. It will be a matter of trading off, etc.


  1. They had Max Tundra? I didn't see that...

    Passed on that first Ettes record, myself.

  2. They had a few of that Max Tundra record. They're at the very far right of the new vinyl...if there are still any left. When I got there some guy had four boxes full of records. Mostly new records. I kicked myself for ignoring my 12:30 alarm and showing up at 4:00.