Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Small Factory – For If You Cannot Fly

Small Factory – For If You Cannot Fly
Vernon Yard, 1994
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2006
Price: $5

This is a pretty great snotty indie-pop record. It's upbeat and a little punkish like Bunnygrunt but there's a little Heavenly-esque sweetness. It's fun and it's coy, and often incorporates elements from 90s emo, power pop and indie rock. The female vocal harmonies from their drummer, the amazingly named Phoebe Summersquash, really seal the deal though. “Expiration Date” has just the kind of driving distorted guitar sound that I love, and comes off as a song the Get Up Kids could have been inspired by. But then they drop it down a notch on the next tune, “Hi Howard, I'm Back,” which is perfect, jangly twee-pop bliss. It's not a groundbreaking record or anything like that, but it's a really good listen. The b-side drags on a little bit, but the a-side is pretty great. Maybe it should have just been an EP. Regardless, the first side is seriously fully of forgotten jams, and I desperately want to cover "The Last Time That We Talked."

Follow the link to check out the motherfucking AWESOME 90s chic of their video for this album's opening track "The Last Time That We Talked." Shit! This song is SO GOOD! The "Wait I'm not done part" is really clever and honestly, it's what makes this a pretty much perfect song. It's perfect! And Phoebe Summersquash! <3 <3 <3!

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