Saturday, November 7, 2009

Max Tundra - Parallax Error Beheads You

Max Tundra – Parallax Error Beheads You
Domino, 2008
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, New, 2009
Price: $1 (originally $18)

This year at SXSW I accidentally saw Max Tundra at the Terrorbird showcase at Red 7 and while I'd initially intended to just watch a song or two and then mosey along to something else, I ended up watching his set. Moreover, I ended up pushing my way to the front row so I could get down with the rest of the kids who were getting down. Where I expected a blog-buzz-band electro-dance, I got the pure unbridled joy of Ben Jacobs, his stage antics, and his utterly ebullient brand of electro-pop. His single “Will Get Fooled Again” sounds like “Turning Japanese” in the best way. Like he's copped the structure of the song but it still sounds new and refreshing. Strangely, I never listened to this record after I got back from Austin and my experience with Max Tundra is isolated to that one experience, which was some of the most fun I had at SXSW. Actually, I only made up the dancing part. Checking the blog we kept from that trip, I noted that no one danced, and this made me sad. While I really have no vested interest in electronica (see also: Hip-hop), I really love this record, and mostly because it doesn't sound like what most electronica sounds like these days. The music is frantic, utilizing all sorts of different synthesizers and gadgets to make music that sounds like it would be more at home inside a video game rather than on a dance floor. BUT it does both, because this shit is playing and I'm helping Jenny clean the house and I'm shaking my tailfeather while I do it.

The video for "Which Song" is one of my favorite videos in a LONG time, because it seems to not only parody the fan cover vids I love/loathe so much, but takes it to the next level. It was apparently shot for 22 pounds, and I really don't know what the money was used on. Is sushi a video expense?

The video for "Will Get Fooled Again" is pretty good too!

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