Saturday, November 7, 2009

Edith Frost - It's a Game

Edith Frost – It's a Game
Drag City, 2005
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, New, 2009
Price: $1 (originally $14)

This record reminds me of the soundtrack to Magnolia because Frost sounds like a cross between Aimee Mann and Jon Brion. It's really weird, actually. Uncanny even! It's not as alt-country as her earlier records, which I for some reason remember listening to freshman year. The record itself is a little long and gets a bit repetitive, but it's also really pretty damn lovely. Frost's voice has JUST enough alt-country twang to make her voice sound really distinct. It's that coupled with something I can't quite place. The female Jon Brion thing. The songs are all about getting your heartbroken. “What's the use of trying/ When I know you're gonna break my heart,” she sings. All the songs are kinda like that. This album seems specifically designed for those forlorn lovers, the ones looking for the perfect record to crawl under the covers with after their lover has gone for good. Some of these songs (“A Mirage”) sound like old country standards while the rest are more straightforward indie-folksinger music. After a while it gets a bit depressing though. Perfect for a lonely winter's day while your ex-lover is off with someone new, bad for a day when it's sunny and 75.

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