Friday, November 6, 2009

Soft Location - Diamonds and Gems

Soft Location – Diamonds and Gems
Senseless Empire, 2008
Acquired: Sent to KJHK Music Director, New, 2008
Price: $0

The dog clearly got to this one, as the top left corner of the sleeve and sleeve cover have been chewed. Fortunately, it's not an album that I love. Actually, I don't really even like this record, otherwise it might have been reviewed and presented to rotation. Instead, I listened to it, though it was your typical run of the mill synthesizer-incorporating indie-rock-pop. The record label's website compares this to Van Morrison's Astral Weeks “from a female perspective.” If it's that easy for your band to be pigeonholed, by your own label no less, maybe you should up the ante! It's not a bad record, it's just lacking things that make it a really good record and the band doesn't seem to be very tight. The mixing seems lazy, etc. Actually, listening to it now I feel like they're covering almost the same ground that the XX are doing now. And while the XX get overhyped to the point where they have to semi-retire due to exhaustion, the Soft Location seem to toil. Though this record was limited to 500 copies, I really doubt that this band is ever going to make this record worth any money. Also according to the website, the band no longer exists, which I guess is OK, although if they put out another record I MIGHT have listened to it to see if they grew at all. Anyway, pigeonhole this as “Female-fronted dreamy indie rock that sounds like it's about to fall apart.”

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  1. "I really doubt that this band is ever going to make this record worth any money." You're a douche.