Tuesday, November 24, 2009

End of T


36 LPs to go! If I can keep up the pace, I will hopefully have them finished before we're forced out of this place at the end of December. Also, have you heard the latest Sunset Rubdown record, Dragonslayer? I kind of accidentally wrote it off for not living up to Random Spirit Lover but I was dead wrong. It's just as good! If I had money, I would run out and buy it right away. Man, money. While I'm glad to finally be gainfully employed (at a minimum wage job, but a fun one at least), I've discovered that finding a house that is not only affordable but will allow our dog is next to impossible. Actually, that's a lie. We saw our dream house yesterday and realized that it's so fucking perfect and so fucking cheap that there is absolutely no way we are going to get it, basically because the soonest we could cobble enough money together for rent and deposit and all that would be the middle of December and shit, this place ain't gonna wait that long. Hence, we soldier on. SO, I bid of you. If you have any houses (preferably ones with back yards) in your neighborhood with for rent signs or your parents are landlords or something let me know, because I do not want to move back in with my parents.

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