Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rubies - Explode From the Center

Rubies – Explode From the Center
Telle, 2008
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, New, 2009
Price: $1 (originally $14)

Rubies is the side project of a couple of members of a band called Call & Response, who I'd never heard of until just now. I wonder if their music was this groovy. Oh, I just noticed. The lead singer's last name is Rubi. Rubi, Rubies! GET IT! Anyway, I am digging this record. It has some upbeat little disco-influenced jams (“I Feel Electric,” which features vocals from Feist), Laid back, loungy summertime jams (“Signs of Love”), and folksy tunes (“Turquoise”). While all three of these styles are well-fitting, Rubies are at their best with electro-pop. “Stand in Line” and “Diamonds on Fire” are back to back and are easily the two strongest songs on the record. “Stand in Line” is probably my favorite though. It shifts into downright dance-pop towards the end with a sugary sweet vocal line sung by someone who sounds like a real person (no autotune, no pop diva, just an indie-pop girl). Yes, it does sound a lot like Feist (who as I mentioned guests). She shows up again on the album's closer “The Truth and the Lies” and the laid back lounge vibe Feist has cornered the market in returns as well. But I can't fault them for sounding a little like Feist sometimes. It's only on the slower numbers (or the ones Feist sings) and it's the upbeat “bangers” really sell this thing. Although overall it's a wonderfully diverse record that really caught me off guard. Out of all the records I bought at the dollar sale, I really didn't expect to find something this...good.

Here's the video for "Stand in Line."

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