Monday, June 15, 2015

Superchunk - Here's Where the Strings Come In

Superchunk – Here’s Where the Strings Come In
Merge, 1995
Acquired: Discogs, Used, 2015
Price: $14
Jenny and I used to joke about my record collection being our “Cancer Fund.” So when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the bills started piling up, I started listing records on Discogs. I didn’t go crazy, I just pulled out the ones I knew I didn’t really need. Unfortunately, since this straddled both 2014 and 2015, I had two deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum’s to meet, which weighted in at $4,000. I got the hospital to knock off a big chunk of what I owed them because we don’t even make enough money to pay rent anywhere, so that was cool, but the bills were still a headache. I did pretty good! But of course, I’m useless and for some bizarre reason I created a wantlist on discogs so I could counter all of my good hard work. I only bought three records, and only when the prices were just too good to refuse. And I bought them under the guise of “LIFE IS SHORT ENJOY YOURSELF.” Of course this was one of the records I bought, which is weird because I don’t think I had even listened to this album all the way through before it showed up on my doorstep.

While I hadn’t listened to Here’s Where the Strings Come In, I bought it without thinking because it contains one of my favorite Superchunk songs: “Detroit Has a Skyline.” Jesus Christ, just put that song on in the car, roll the windows down and try not to get in a wreck as you scream along at the top of your lungs and bash the dash with improvised faux-drum fills. If I found a karaoke bar that had that track on tap I’d never leave. It’s one of the great rock songs of our era and I dare you not to let this song grab you by the throat and drag you across the ground for three minutes.

Unsurprisingly Here’s Where the Strings Come In is as solid as every other Superchunk record. I can’t think of a band with a more stable discography. After the first couple of primordial records from about On the Mouth on the level of quality has never ever dipped (and you could probably even make it from No Pocky for Kitty on depending on how sentimental you are). There really isn’t a point where the wave crests; it just keeps rolling along, perfectly surfable. Strings might be the point where Superchunk showed no signs of letting up on the sweet-spot indie rock. It was cancer money well spent. Now if only I can get Indoor Living for a sweetheart deal…

"Detroit Has a Skyline"

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