Monday, December 21, 2009


In the background of the photos at least, because Jenny and I spent the last week moving to our new third on Tennessee St in as many years. I cannot escape, and worst of all, now I'm back in the heart of the student ghetto. Best of all the rent is unbelievably cheap (literally) and I can almost afford to buy records now and then! I'm aiming to have all of the LPs done by the new year. Only 23 to go! Post-Christmas, that's my goal. Pre-Christmas goal: Albums of the Decade list because I cannot fucking help myself.

In other news, the new Los Campesinos album leaked like an hour ago. It's....really different. And weird. And scattershot. And I don't know how I feel about Gareth's sister's vocals but I might just be too partial to Aleks. It's a weird mix between the last two records. The last four tracks are pure gold, though.


  1. We missed you, man! Where were you?!
    We need a daily dose!
    Anyway, welcome back

    A dedicated Spanish Follower

  2. It's Alek's voice on the new album, not Kim's.

  3. It just sounds so...different! I wasn't sure if Kim had started singing yet but it sounded like it was so.

  4. Kim doesn't sing on the new record.
    Kim didn't join until after this record was produced.
    So you don't know how you feel about Alek's vocals....

  5. Looks to be the case! It sounds like her on "A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State" but the first part of the record it sounds more flat or something.