Monday, February 1, 2010

End of W

A through V=$2320
A through V+W=$2397

It's been a whole year, which makes this the blog I've stuck with the longest defeating my previous record of...two weeks. Something like that! And what a year it's been! Starting this thing ended up being one of the best things I ever did and helped secure my freelancing gig at the Pitch (check out my very first feature from this week's issue!) and kept me writing all year. Even if it's just writing bullshit, it's writing and this blog has provided an excellent outlet for rants, raves, and blind praise. If I don't drain the enthusiasm from myself, Jenny has to deal with it and will just ignore me (unless I'm talking about the Hold Steady). This blog has become a retreat from writing for publication which requires proper grammar, well thought out witticisms, and snappy closing lines. It's fun in its own right, but often draning. This is easy.

I have something like 17 more LPs left. Actually, there are about six I got for Christmas that I haven't listened to and am saving until I finish the collection proper as a sort of reward and incentive to finish. I've all but quit buying records. Mostly because this blog made me realize how much money I wasted. Yet my record collection is my most prized possession, and the one material thing I would attempt to haul out of our apartment if it were burning down. I actually kind of want to make a crate of my top 30 records and keep them there, just in case.

There are a couple of pretty expensive records in there that I got for free, which is nice. Almost done with the LPS then it's on to the massive collection of 7"s I amassed a couple years ago from the shotgun room at Love Garden. I picked out some gems, but I never quite weeded through the whole thing so this is a perfect excuse!

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