Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bright Coloured Lights - "Open Your Eyes" 7"

Bright Coloured Lights - “Open Your Eyes” 7”
Slumberland, 1992
Acquired: Love Garden Shotgun Room, Used, 2007
Price: $.25

Another crown jewel of my 7” collection. Bright Coloured Lights was one of Pam Berry's post-Black Tambourine bands and yeah, this single is pretty incredible. Well, the title track at least. The other two songs are great, but man, “Open Your Eyes” is one of THOSE songs. One of those perfect little pop nuggets that has existed for years and years but no one has ever, ever heard. There are bands now ripping off this sound that were born the year it was recorded. It sounds fresh, and yeah, I know I said no one had ever heard this so how COULD those bands rip this off? Well, uh, er, surely they're all familiar with Black Tambourine (see: The Vivian Girls and the Black Tambourine Revival) and this being an offshoot, led by the outstanding Ms. Berry (who might as well be America's Amelia Fletcher), this is pretty much what heaven sounds like in my brain. Vocals that almost sound fey, but cut through the distortion. There’s something perfect and amazing about that. Oh yeah, and the other songs are pretty rad too. It’s the early 90s underground in the face of grunge. It’s the indie pop Kurt Cobain so adored doing what its always done, soldiering on. Even now, when every other band is allegedly an indie-pop band, it’s a niche that has a nice handful of folks working in the underground to put out the good shit.

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