Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brighter - Around the World in Eighty Days EP

Brighter – Around the World in Eighty Days EP
Sarah Records, 1989
Acquired Love Garden, Used, 2010
Price: $12

The second I fell in love with indie-pop, I was obsessed with Sarah Records. I still am, so when this came into Love Garden I ogled it for weeks. Yet I couldn’t find an excuse to blow $12 on a 7”. It just wasn’t St. Christopher’s “You Deserve More Than a Maybe,” my favorite Sarah Records track, trumping even the Field Mice. If that one had been there, I’d have dropped way more than $12 (maybe $25!). Anyway, I went home and listened to these songs on my computer and was like “Fuck, this is really good I should buy it” so I did. And it was worth it, this is an excellent little record that I listen to quite frequently. There’s something about Sarah Records that hits my comfort zone. The sound sort of shared by bands like Brighter, St. Christopher, the Field Mice, the Sea Urchins, and Blueboy. That sad bastard rainy day English college kid sound. The tunes here are excellent. “Inside Out” is a mopester’s dream, fit for dreary everyday life and heartbreak. Brighter don’t quite have the melodic knack of say, any of Robert Wratten’s bands but it’s very good nonetheless, even after I get out of fanboy mode and my heart slows down. In my head, "Things Will Get Better" sounds like "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" if the Smiths didn't have a budget and had to record in a broom closet. Love it. Fact: When Jenny went on a whirlwind tour of the great European cities with a bunch of high school kids, I sincerely begged her to go to Rough Trade records (or any record shops, for that matter) and find me some Sarah Records singles and included it in a chorus to the song I wrote in my sadness of her going to Europe and having to stay in Lawrence.

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