Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Broadways - Big City EP

The Broadways – Big City EP
Asian Man Records, 1997
Acquired: Asian Man Records Mailorder Record Box, New, Ages Ago
Price: ~$.50

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lawrence Arms lately. Not sure why, but of all the punk bands I loved when I was 18, I love them as much as I did then, maybe more. I just like Chris MacCaughan’s songs more than Brendan Kelly’s this time around, but just a little more. I love their dynamic, etc. So, hence, I love the Broadways, and this was one of those EPs I played religiously when I got political. Effectively, the songs here say this: Why are people fucking destroying the world? It’s not political, so much as why do we need to pollute and cut down trees and destroy everything here. It’s secretly environmentalist, which is now a super political thing. A leftist political thing. Something that the right makes fun of the left for, for hugging trees and wanting to save whales and WHY WHY WHY I don’t get that. They love to complain about how the left is ruining America for their children and their children’s children, who won’t know true values or whatever but what difference is that going to make if you know, we destroy the planet. It’s stupid, and I think the songs here are still potent and vital, with that youthful look at issues that may not be as eloquent as say, a leading ecologist’s opinion but it’s fucking true. Anyway, that’s why I love the Lawrence Arms again. Because they’re smart and silly and they also sing about drinking too much and the simpler things. And they have hooks, good hooks, and this EP is reminding me that I oh so adored the Broadways for the same reasons. Way more primal, but hitting the same spot.

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