Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joey Casio - "Share the Cup" 7"

Joey Casio – “Share the Cup” 7”
K, 2009
Acquired: Music Staff, New, 2009
Price: Free

I love K Records, you know that already. This 7” though, oof. There was a reason this one never made out of the music office and onto the rotation shelf. Popped up electro that might be angling for some of the attention Crystal Castles were getting at the time. Not really sure. K’s forays into electro have been hit or miss at best, and while the Blow and Yacht are fun, that’s precisely why they’re good. They’re fun, don’t take this shit too seriously, but Joey Casio sort of comes across as the dude holding the headphones to his head with one hand and a microphone in the other as he bobs over a turntable. Or maybe this just sounds obnoxious to me and other people like it.

You can listen to this bizarro club jam over hurr.

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