Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of E + F - 7"

A whole lot of Lawrence love has been flowing from my fingertips lately. Jenny and I are in the process of moving back to Kansas to birth and raise our child and the thought of putting down roots is probably the most enticing thing in the world to me at this point in time. Had you told me I was going to be thrilled to move back to Kansas two years ago, I’d have called you crazy. And yet I find myself missing the psychotic weather and the really inexplicable beauty that I seem hardwired to appreciate. I’m fantasizing about settling down in a house I never have to move out of. One where I can consolidate my record collection back into the monolithic beast that it is (I only brought about half my collection with me to MPLS and imagine a wall lined with those low, flat IKEA cube shelves filled with records).

Running Total: $3083.25

New Total: $3130.75

In other news, Los Campesinos new album, No Blues, comes out October 29.

Appropriately, I've listened to it thirty times. It's frustrating, since my year end list was looking pretty hammered out and great, now I've gotta make room in my Top 5 for Los Camp. SIGH.

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