Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glo-Worm - "Travelogue" 7"

Glo-Worm – “Travelogue” 7”
K Records, 1995
Acquired: K Records Mail Order, New, 2008
Price: $4
Years back I was visiting a friend in St. Louis and as we were driving down the highway, Black Tambourine’s Complete Recordings drifted through the speakers. It was the first time I had ever heard of Black Tambourine, and the first time I would hear Pam Berry’s voice, which would become my absolute favorite of the indie pop realm for years to come. She went on to join or found bands that released a few 7”s and disbanded. Bright Coloured Lights, Veronica Lake, Belmondo, Seashell Sea, the Shapiros, the Pines, Powderburns, The Relict, the Castaway Stones (who actually had a full-length that is pretty good) and Glo-Worm. I think that about rounds it out. Glo-Worm had softer edges than Black Tambourine’s punk-via-Phil-Spector sound and the songs on this 7” are downright tender. I have always loved Berry’s voice because it sounds so normal. I think of that Silver Jews lyric, “All my favorite singers couldn’t sing.” Glo-Worm (and the Castaway Stones) are about as twee as twee gets. Sweet, softly strummed guitars, delicate little lilting melodies played on a keyboard, and a shaker supplementing the primarily snare-drum percussion. It’s lovely stuff. It’s also a fascinating counterpoint to what you expect from the traditional edges and angles of the DC music scene. Glo-Worm sounds like it was recorded on some lush, rainy paradise, which is fitting because this is sort of the ultimate rainy day music. Low-key, staring out the window watching the water pool in the streets music. Lovely and harmless and the physical embodiment of twee-pop.

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