Friday, October 25, 2013

Fucked Up - "Couple Tracks" 7"

Fucked Up – “Couple Tracks” 7”
Matador, 2010
Acquired: Crossroads Music, Used, 2013
Price: $2
The “Couple Tracks” 7” offers up a glimpse of Fucked Up in between The Chemistry of Common Life and David Comes to Life. As sophisticated as those two albums are (and I mean genuinely sophisticated, not just sophisticated for a hardcore band), “Couple Tracks” and “Heir Apparent” are down and dirty, no nonsense hardcore jams that are easy to get behind. Fucked Up have a knack for making songs that are both blistering and accessible. Songs that are full of sociopolitical messages or narrative structures that also kick total ass. They’re a punk band’s punk band and yet they’re also a punk band your girlfriend who hates punk rock on principle might like (I speak from experience, and while Jenny can’t tolerate Fucked Up for extended periods of time she did enjoy a few tracks from David Comes to Life and I put it on the board as a victory). The thinking man’s screamy music. Fucked Up are untouchable and should be feared and respected by every other band in the game. Even when they’re just turning out seemingly by the book punk rock as they are here, they’re still doing it at an extremely high level with sonics that never fail to sound artful.

"Couple Tracks"

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