Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guided by Voices - "Chasing Heather Crazy" 7"

Guided by Voices – “Chasing Heather Crazy” 7”
TVT, 2001
Acquired: Jackpot Records, Used, 2013
Price: $5
I don’t know why I didn’t buy the other GBV singles they had at Jackpot when I was there. Sure, they were for tracks from Do the Collapse and Universal Truths and Cycles but I think if I was going to attempt to collect the complete discography to one band, it would be Guided by Voices. I had to grab “Chasing Heather Crazy” though. Pop songs don’t get much more pure. It’s the track that made me realize Isolation Drills is probably the best late-period GBV record. B-side “On With the Show” is a slowish track with big guitars that sound like grunting. It’s a pretty standard, decent GBV b-side. I should have bought Isolation Drills when I had the chance. I was pretty dismissive of the post classic line-up GBV records when I set out on my fandom and while I was always fond of “Chasing Heather Crazy” I didn’t wanna pay $14 for it when Love Garden had a used copy of it five years ago. I remember so well! And now the lowest price on Discogs is $40. Such is life. It gives me one more thing to look for when I attend the record stores of these United States. The Gs is always the first place I go. Now and forever.

"Chasing Heather Crazy"

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